VidEngage Review and Bonus

VidEngage Review

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Product: VidEngage


Producers: Brad Stephens & Ankur Shukla

Price: $27 and 3 OTO’s

Launch Date: October 17th, 2015

Verdict: 100% Recommend

VidEngage Review

VidEngage is a web-based software that is designed to help you increase your conversion rate on web pages that have video. The idea is to keep your viewers attention by having your videos follow them down the page. 95% of your visitors only spend the first few seconds looking at your video before they scroll right past it.

VidEngage seamlessly clips a video to any corner of the page as soon as your visitor scrolls past your video. This is going to be like putting your video on steroids and fortunately for you that means a spike in conversions! You will always get maximum attention to your videos, and as your visitor explores the rest of the page they won’t miss any important parts of your visual presentation.

This software solves a serious problem that marketers have been facing and we can thank Brad Stephens and Ankur Shukla for getting together and getting such an amazing solution.  They came up with an incredibly simple but amazingly effective answer, and they’re basically giving it away.

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Videngage Review

VidEngage seamlessly adds your video to a corner of your page as your visitor scrolls down the page.  This keeps their attention on the video, what you have to say, and results in more sales.

The VidEngage software works with all website platforms and page builders so you still have the freedom to build your site where and how you want.  VidEngage comes with a WordPress plugin that makes it simple to add VidEngage onto any existing WP site.

VidEngage Review

One of the best parts is that this software is insanely easy to use.  You don’t need any experience in coding, video editing, or anything technical and you can have it working exactly how you want it to in seconds.  This product is what the video industry has needed for a while now and I’m surprised it has taken this long for something to fill this hole. I am certainly glad it came along; it’s a great idea and an incredibly useful solution to a problem I’ve been facing for years. After Brad and Ankur tested this they knew it was a winner.  It improved conversions immensely.

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VidEngage Ankur Shukla

Wouldn’t you like to have your visitors stay 65% longer? How about getting 6x the sales? VidEngage makes all of that possible and easy. It’s amazing how effective VidEngage is, even when we tried it we noticed immediate changes on our sites.


It takes just a couple minutes to set up a campaign. This could not have been made easier to use. VidEngage creates so many opportunites and I know you are going to want it on every one of your sites.

VidEngage Video Review

VidEngage Bonus

Bonus 1: Digital Graphics

VidEngage bonus

We are offering you hundreds of free digital graphics that are going to give your site a professional look. Just because they’re attention is still on your video doesn’t mean the rest of your site doesn’t need to look amazing right?

Bonus 2: Money Venture Capitalism

VidEngage bonus

Learn about making big money and how to scale your business so that it grows with you. When expanding you’re gonna want this ebook helping you along the way.

Bonus 3: Traffic Extreme

VidEngage Review

Learn to get tons of lasting free traffic to your site. This is one of the best ways to get targeted free traffic that is going to convert for you.

Bonus 4: Video Marketing Hack

VidEngage bonus

Get the inside scoop on how to dominate the video market. Video is huge on the internet and there is practically no competition, we will show you how to utilize one of the most effective tools on the internet.

Bonus 5: WP Profit Doubler

Vid Engage Review

Use this amazing plugin to double your profits on WordPress. This plugin take your visitors to a second sales page when they try and leave the site and they didn’t buy anything. Giving yourself another chance to get them to bite.

I am giving you these amazing bonuses to all of those who buy through my site. If you are ready to get VidEngage with all of these bonuses that compliment click here.

VidEngage Verdict

If you have video on your site then this is a must have product. With VidEngage you can increase your conversions up to 600% of what they are now. This is a great product at an even greater price. I fully recommend it, this is not something you want to find yourself without, and with this insane discount being offered you DO NOT want to wait.

I love this product and I know you are going to as well. Not only is this product filling a huge hole in the video industry, it is doing an amazing job at it. Especially at this discounted price this is not a product that you want to miss. Anyone that is dealing with videos on their sites, is going to want VidEngage working for them.

VidEngage Guarantee

If you still aren’t convinced about VidEnage, there is 30 day “Double Your Money Back Guarantee” They are so confident in their product that they are willing to put their money where the mouth is. You don’t have to take any risks giving this a try. You might as well take it for 30 days and if you haven’t earned back your money, have them refund you.

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